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Mission Statement: To educate, empower and inspire the lives of everyone in our community, while initiating personal and social change.

Sisters In Power volunteer through organizations such as:  The Cherry Street Ministries and The United Way of Greater Toledo. 

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I would like to introduce a new program that will begin the summer of 2015 for young ladies ages 10-17 called Girl Code a product of Sisters In Power.  This program is like a sorority of young ladies whom would like to be taught to act like a lady, talk like a lady, be well educated all the way around, to build a sister hood with other young ladies from different back grounds and much more.

Some of the services offered to the young women of Girl Code are Tutoring to help them achieve the grades for scholarships and the state exams, etiquette classes, support groups on many topics that young women face this day in age, bullying awareness and prevention, counseling , exercise and nutrition programs and much more.  

We are also trying to setup some internship's with potential jobs sites for the young ladies to get a feel in the area that they hope to major in as they become adults so they can see if that's what they really would like to major in.  

I've spoken with some potential young Girl Code's and this is what they had to say about the Girl Code Program:

Age 14- " I think Girl Code will help me get better in school and be more polite to others for instance like help people that I don't like. I will respect my family and much more people. I think this Girl Code program will help me with my math and be a better person. And  treat people the way I want to be treated."---------------JM

Age 13-" Being apart of Girl Code it will benefit me getting my stuff together change the way I act towards people or how everyone say I always have an attitude. I think it would improve my attitude a lot. It also gives you a chance to grow up and learn more. It will help me no how to act like a lady. I personally think my attitude will improve. It will mainly teach you how to respect yourself and others better. I really do think this Girl Code is a great idea."-----------------TR

 There is a registration process and not only do you have to meet certain qualification to enter your grades play a huge part in acceptance, your willingness to commit your self to the criteria that Girl Code stands for and you will have to want to do better, better mind, body and spiritually.  Meaning we will learn nutrition, exercise will be a big part in your success, education, spirituality in what ever it is you believe in will be enforced. So not only is this about learning to be the best women you can be, its about being the best you, you can be.

If you would like to sign up please contact Mrs. King at   


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